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Ancoria Bank – Launching Campaign

Δημιουργούμε τράπεζα που σέβεται εσάς και τις επιχειρήσεις σας. Δημιουργούμε τράπεζα που κατανοεί τις ανάγκες σας σήμερα... και αύριο. Δημιουργούμε τράπεζα που δίνει προτεραιότητα στην εξυπηρέτησή σας. Δημιουργούμε τράπεζα προσιτή, σύγχρονη και ανθρώπινη. Τέτοια τράπεζα δημιουργούμε. Δημιουργούμε τράπεζα με σιγουριά. Ancoria Bank. ‪#‎incideas‬ [playlist type="video" ids="2715"]
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Ancoria Bank

Branding the new Cypriot Bank. A Fresh Approach.... We are designing a new banking experience for our potential customers. With a different philosophy and by using the latest available banking concepts and tools, we will base our product offerings on true customer needs. [video width="1024" height="576" mp4="http://www.inc.com.cy/wp-content/uploads/2016/06/Ancoria-Bank-34sec-tk3.mp4"][/video]
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Lifeline Cord Blood Bank

C.B.B. Lifeline Biotech Ltd. (Lifeline) is the first umbilical cord stem cells bank that was incorporated in Europe (UK) back in 1994 and has been operating as a regional bank with headquarters in Cyprus, since 2002. Processing, testing and cryopreservation of cellular therapy products takes place in Lifeline's purpose built premises in Nicosia.
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