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Findigital – GotU

Inc Ideas is a member of the Network, Findigital - GotU (Facebook Marketing Partner) Η πρώτη εταιρεία παγκοσμίως που ζήτησε από το Facebook να ανοίξει το API program και μια από τις 3 πρώτες που είχαν πρόσβαση σε αυτό. Έχει αναγνωρισθεί ως  Facebook Strategic Preferred Marketing Developer ένας τίτλος που τον κατέχουν μόλις 13 εταιρείες…
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An Advertising company writes briefs around single-minded propositions. What they think their ads should say to build brands. The Ideas Company writes briefs that frame a challenge. Thereby defining what needs to be done and then delivers Ideas that transform businesses and brands. After all, the best answers to challenges are IDEAS!!!
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ideas are the currency of the future!