Positioning; like it or not!

Positioning; like it or not!

Positioning starts with a product. A piece of merchandise, a service, a company, an institution, or even a person. Perhaps yourself.

Positioning is not what you do to a product. Positioning is what you do to the mind of the prospect. That is, you position the product in the mind of the prospect. So it is incorrect to call the concept 'product positioning'. As if you were doing something to the product itself. Not that positioning doesn't involve change. It does. But changes made in the name, the price and the package are really not changes in the product at all. They are basically cosmetic changes done for the purpose of securing a worthwhile position in the prospect's mind. Positioning is also the first body of thought that comes to grips with the problems of getting heard in our over communicated society. (Al Ries - Jack Trout)

The first step!

The first step in any Positioning Program is to look inside the mind of the prospect.

ideas are the currency of the future!